Paying It Forward
by R. Craig Smith, KCBA Bar Bulletin

For the almost thirty years I’ve known you, — through various aspects of your career and your life — you have consistently been a person of high principle and values.” » more
- Letter from Donald Horowitz

Voluntarily Committed
by Elaine Conway, Seattle University School of Law

I would like to submit to you this personal testimony of the way in which Mr. Whitson changed my life.
» more
- Letter from Ann Marmesh

Outstanding Lawyer for 2000
by William L. Kinzel

I want to commend you for your fine performance as counsel for the defendant in the case of Chamberlain vs Harney…» more
- Letter from Judge Frank H. Roberts, Dec. 12, 1980

Kudos to Some of the Good Apples
by Laura L. Jaeger, WSTLA Trial News, Dec. 1998

Dear Lish ~ Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did for us! We were very impressed with your compassion, depth of knowledge, and professionalism. It was our pleasure working with you and we wish you the very best always.
- Letter from the Hansons, Sept. 9, 2000

Kristy Stell, is outstanding she was able to “Vacate and Seal” my conviction not to mention restore my voting rights. She is truly a professional lawyer….
- Angela

Ms. Stell has continually kept me informed via phone calls or emails. She is a great listener and has always taken my information and processed it accordingly. She’s thorough and dedicated to her duties.
- Jeff

When it came time to choose an attorney for an employment related case, I did my homework. I interviewed two highly recommended firms, both small in size, but huge in terms of their respect in the legal community, and with regard to their past success. Kristy Stell not only represented me well, but she worked so hard gathering data and researching the process, possible outcomes and determining a strategy that helped me share my case. She did such a remarkable job, that we never did get very far into the possible process of wins, losses, appeals and the like. Instead, just as she hoped, when she presented her case material to the other side (a huge company) they bowed out and decided to simply no show for the hearing. Further, the Company’s representatives decided not to appeal or challenge Kristy and my case whatsoever. A great success. Fast. Thorough. Kristy and her firm, Lish Whitson PLLC were the best. I want them on my side now for every employment contract I accept – from the beginning! Highly recommended!
- Tiffany