General Information Regarding Health Insurance Coverage

Ten Steps Ten Steps to Protect the Legal Rights of Patients. Click here to read document.
ERISA In 1974 Congress enacted the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This act covers all employers. This Act prevents an employee from suing their employer and/or the plan administrator for punitive damages. If you bring a lawsuit and win, you are entitled to recover the amount in dispute and attorney’s fees.

According to law, the plans must give participants basic plan documents and make other documents available to participants on request.

Summary Policy An abbreviated version of the insurance benefits available to you. This is typically the booklet you get from the HR person explaining your insurance benefits.
Master Policy The full insurance policy that is typically kept by the HR person at a place of employment.

It is important to have both the summary policy and the master policy because sometimes they are different.

Fiduciary A person or institution standing in a relationship of trust to one or more entities. They must exercise a high standard of care imposed by law or contract.